Compassion and Truth

Compassion is a force that moves people. It can make a profound difference for good in many lives. Reality, however, has its own forces, whether or not we like them or understand them.

This book is written for Christians in particular, but you don’t need to be a Christian to understand and agree. The Bible is widely used to justify many of the recommendations of church leaders for dealing with the critical areas of our lives.

Why is it that so many programs promoted by so many well-meaning, compassionate people turn out to have no positive effect, or in fact such negative results? This book explores why.

Daniel J. McLaughlin is a board member for Africa Youth Peace Call and an instructor at their camps in Ghana for young men and women. A former CPA and corporate vice president, Mr. McLaughlin is now a writer, consultant, and entrepreneur, actively helping young African men and women to embrace entrepreneurship and to promote the ideas of freedom and markets as the solution to poverty in their home countries.


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