About the Book

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“Absolutely loving every word of it! Wow, this is great on many levels.”

“When you’re finished with Compassion and Truth, you will have learned a great deal about the science of economics. You’ll understand its connection to Christian ethical vales. You’ll see how this knowledge can lead you toward the right policy prescriptions for improving human lives and away from the seductive but destructive, dead-end proposals that enslave and impoverish. You will have the truth, and if enough of us stand by it, it will make us free.”

Dr. Lawrence Reed, President, Foundation for Economic Education

This book was written for Christians in particular, but you don’t need to be a Christian to understand and appreciate everything it says about economics. Stories in the Bible demonstrate that economic principles are timeless and universal. What applies now applied then. that’s why we can relate to them. Church leaders regularly use the Bible to justify many of their recommendations for political intervention in critical areas of our lives, interventions that often have negative, even disastrous consequences.

Why is it that so many programs promoted by so many well-meaning people turn out to have no lasting positive effect or, in fact, such negative results. This book explores why.